JTHS Retired Faculty

Each year teachers and staff retire from JTHS. And, there is a way to keep in touch. Subscribe to the Newsletter of the Joliet Township High Schools Retired Teachers. You’ll hear of upcoming events, reunion news, teacher news, family news, campus news, district news! Fee for the newsletter is just $2.00 annually.

Contact Alice Henderson at 3205 Willardshire, Joliet, IL 60431
Phone: (815) 436-5418

Dean Sayles at 2618 Old Woods Trail, Plainfield, IL 60586
Phone: (815) 267-7911

If you haven’t been in touch since you left JTHS and need to update your information, please let Alice or Dean know of your whereabouts! We all like to hear from and about former colleagues.

JTHS District 204 Retired Faculty Newsletters

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