JTHS Alumni Choir Association

The JTHS Alumni Choir Association was formed in the district’s centennial year of 2001. The choir annually performs a concert during the park’s summer Concert on the Hill series, as well as other concerts. Membership is comprised of former choir members from the campuses of JTHS, Joliet Central, Joliet East and Joliet West. To join the JTHS Alumni Choir Association, contact Emily Petronio at [email protected], call Russ Ghilain at (815) 725-4183, or contact Rachel Ventura on Facebook.


Our concert this year will be on Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 6:30pm the Joliet Bicentennial Park.


Do you need a choir shirt? Call Natalie Radakovich at 815-725-1963. Price:$18.00-$20.00

Song Selection: The choir sings a select number of songs every year; these include “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “When the Saints Go Marching In,” the Armed Forces medley, the Alma Mater, and the JT loyalties.  New selections are included every year and consist of musical medleys (like “Bye-Bye Birdie” and “The Sound of Music”) as well as other medleys from famous groups like the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel.  If you have ideas about future song selections, please contact any member on the board of directors.

Rehearsals:  Choir members are  obliged to attend two rehearsals.  The rehearsal schedule is as follows: 

     -Tuesday, June 11, 6-8pm
     -Thursday, June 13, 6-8pm
     -Monday, June 17, 6-8pm
     -Wednesday, June 19, 6-8pm
     -Thursday, June 20, 10am-12pm (at Bicentennial Park)

These evening rehearsals will take place at the First Presbyterian Church, on the corner of Raynor and Western Avenues. There will be a “run through” rehearsal on Thursday, June 21, 2018 at Bicentennial Park at 10:00 AM; the annual meeting will follow. 

Performance: We will sing at the Concert on the Hill at 6:30 P.M. on Thursday, June 21 at Bicentennial Park.

Dress Code: The dress code for the performance is a collared white shirt with black or navy blue slacks, skirt or long shorts, if you prefer.  Choir shirts are still available and can be purchased at the rehearsals.

General Meeting and Dues:  A General Meeting of the choir membership will take place after the Thursday, June 21st morning rehearsal.  Your dues of $10.00 per year must be paid before or at this meeting in order to perform. The $10 annual dues will be waived for recent graduates of JT Central and West. Please mail checks to Michelle Gier at 3809 Brenton Drive, Joliet IL, 60431.

After the Concert: Since some of our music is borrowed, all choir members are asked to empty their folders and place their music on the appropriate piles on the tables in the lobby of the Bicentennial Theater.  There will be a red dot on the sheets of music that should remain in the folders.  This will greatly help to get all the music separated and back to the rightful owners.

Communications:   Because the cost of postage is prohibitive, as many newsletters as possible will be sent via e-mail.  Therefore it is important that our e-mail address book is updated and accurate.  The members that do not have e-mail access will receive the newsletters by the US Postal Service.  Everyone will still receive a concert reminder post card by the first of June.

Publicity:  In order to attract new members and develop interest in our choir, our concerts need publicity. A recruiting team was formed to address this issue.  If you are interested in belonging to this team or have any suggestions for attracting new members, please contact Natalie Radakovich, (815) 725-1963 or Russ Ghilain, 815-725-4183? 

R.S.V.P:  Since, the Choir is purchasing or borrowing the music for our concerts, it is necessary for us to know approximately how many members we can expect to perform, so we have sufficient music for all.   Everyone is asked to RSVP by either telephone or e-mail to Secretary Joan Lesnik: 815-838-1290 or [email protected] by the 30th of May.

President:  Arnold Tracy, West '69
Vice President: Natalie Radakovich, JT '57 
Secretary: Joan Lesnik, JT '58
Treasurer: Michelle Gier, East
Board Members:  Chris Kaminskas Daniels, West '71
  Holly Canaday Tomashek, West '68
  Linda Bogdan Trager, West '67
  Russ Ghilian, JT '63
Directors: Holly Canaday Tomashek, West '68
  Chris Kaminskas Daniels, West '71
Past President: Holly Canaday Tomashek, West '68



Alumni Choir Performance October 11, 2018






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