Alumni Spotlight: Hanah Narine, Class of 2019

Hanah_Narine_IIT.jpgJoliet Central High School alumna Hanah Narine graduated in May 2019 and recently reached out to her high school teacher, Dale West, to inform him of how his lessons have helped her immensely in her first semester at the Illinois Institute of Technology. In one of her studio courses, she recently finished up a final project in which she had to make stairs that reached different levels in between two structures.

Narine said,Dale West was an inspirational high school teacher. He saw the potential I had as an architect and put me in his advanced class which allowed me do my own types of projects. Being able to do my own types of projects let me find out what I liked doing and learn a very useful software. He also encouraged me to participate in the statewide drafting competition in which I took first place in regional and second place in state. Mr. West saw potential in me that I did not see in myself which has made me a more confident person in my field.”

Hanah took West’s Tech. CAD class as a junior and demonstrated an impressive skill level.  She then took West’s Advanced Drafting class her senior year, which is a two hour independent study where students integrate previous skills they have learned into projects of their choice.  Students in the advanced drafting class have open access to 3d printers, a laser cutter, a vacuum former, and other various power tools to bring their projects and prototypes to life.

Hanah learned how to use Autodesk Revit in West’s Advanced Drafting class to create residential floor plans and 3d models.  This is the same software Architects are using in the industry and the same software the architects used to design the new student center at Joliet Central.  She also transferred these skills into creating a physical model of her residential design. Now a student at Illinois Institute of Technology, Narine is currently studying for a bachelor’s in architecture. Narine said of the experience, “Illinois Institute of Technology is very different from other schools. I do not have to take any general education classes. I just have to take one humanities class every year. Also, in my field I only need to take two math classes and one physics class which are very basic. All of my other classes are Architecture classes. I love being in classes that are in my field. I think my time at Joliet Central was very valuable and I learned a lot there.”

Narine said,It's okay not to know what you want to be yet. I did not know what I wanted to be until junior year and even then I was not 100 percent sure I wanted to be an Architect. I took a Tech CAD class just on the thought of maybe being an Architect. When we got to the architecture unit in that class, I got a C on that assignment. At that point I did not think I should become an Architect, but I got over it. I still question if I want to be an Architect sometimes because college is hard and it beats you up. You just got to keep pushing, things will work out.”

Click the following links to see the YouTube videos Narine made for her 1st and 2nd semester capstone project in West’s advanced drafting course. 

1st semester capstone video -

2nd semester capstone video -


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