Creative Alumni Marriage Proposal Shows Steelmen Pride

Joliet Central High School was the first stop on a creative marriage proposal that took place on Tuesday, January 31.


The proposal, planned by alumnus Naurice Moffett (Central ’99), included a scavenger hunt throughout the Joliet-area in locations that held precious memories for Moffett and his girlfriend, Nicole Graves (Central ’99).


Graves, a dentist and owner of the Tooth Company in New Lenox, arrived at Central with Moffett’s cousin Jerhaun Cameron (Central ’96) and friend Fontella Jones (West ’97).  Both Cameron and Jones were instrumental in pulling off the proposal, serving as chauffer and photographer. 

Joliet Central High School was where the couple first met 21 years ago, which is why Moffett felt it was the perfect location to begin the scavenger hunt.  Community and Alumni Relations Director Kristine Schlismann greeted Graves, giving her the first clue, a flower and picture of the couple at their Central Prom.

The clue that brought Nicole to Central read:

21 years ago I would have never thought that we would be together.

21 years ago we were complete strangers

21 years ago a Lancer met a Chief

21 years ago you looked at me and thought I was a teacher's pet

21 years ago, this is where we met.....

Go there and ask for Kristine Schlismann to receive your next clue

Schlismann also took Graves on a campus tour, reuniting with Dean Mac, visiting the Band Room, Steelmen Statue, and of course, the beautiful new Student Center.

“I have known Naurice for many years through his volunteer service to JTHS as a member of our Joliet Region Interfaith Education Council, Strategic Planning Team, Problem Solving Circle initiative, and as the Youth Pastor at Mt. Zion Church,” said Schlismann.  “Naurice is an amazing person who gives so much to our school district and students. I was honored to be a part of this special proposal and I am so happy for this beautiful couple.”

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